Being Aware of Mental Illness in a Loved One

mental-illnessYou may find it difficult to actually determine when a loved one is suffering from a mental illness if they have not as yet been properly diagnosed. The only clues that something may be wrong is the changes you may see in their behaviour. As this is a person that is close to you, then you at least have a metric to measure against. Knowing what their normal behaviour is will be beneficial so if they begin to act out of character on a consistent basis, then you have some good indication that something is wrong.

Perhaps you have been involved in building awareness about mental illness, and if so then you will at least have some basic understanding about what is going on, and maybe know what the first steps to take are.

If you are not familiar with mental illness at all then you will need to quickly educate yourself so you can assist your loved one through the process of getting the right help. You can do this by attending mental illness events and researching online. Be sure to check out information from your local health authorities, too.

This is no doubt a trying time both for you and your loved one, but by working as a team great steps can be taken in getting the condition under control and even cured in some cases. The one thing you do not want to do is avoid the signs and symptoms that could plunge your loved one in a terrible situation of not knowing what is wrong with them. Other people may begin to avoid them because of their, say, outbursts, yet your loved one has no idea why this is happening. The role you take on here will be an important one.

Your awareness of mental health should lead you to the proper resources that can be of help to both you and the person being afflicted with the mental illness.